5th-gear-kids-logoThe athletes performance training industry is becoming increasingly competitive and has significantly grown over the past decade, and highly productive training programs are in demand. Athletes from youth to the professional level are looking for an edge over their competition. Athletes must be educated effectively so that they can perform at a higher level in their sport(s) and few performance training facilities are accessible in Colorado today to provide effective training for athletes.

We feel there is an insufficient number of athletes attending top universities and colleges that come out of Colorado.Advocare-Logo It is our job to educate in the most effective way and create training programs that assure our athletes are placed in the best position to succeed. That is why Xplosive  was established in Colorado. Our hope is that our highly unique approach has the potential to impact and influence Colorado sports in a major way.

Our MISSION is to provide our clients with an educational and innovative experience to increase productivity in their sport. We want to be the support they need to succeed in whatever sport they participate in, as well as cultivate a direction for our athletes when their athletic career is over. The environment that we create will challenge each athlete physically  as well as mentally, with Reel Recuits Logo Oct2013-2a goal of preparing these individuals for the next level and most importantly life. We understand that not all athletes reach the professional level, so Xplosive will provide quality life skill programs (Financial Coaching, Career Development, and Character Building) to assist our members with personal growth.

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