All athletes need an edge over their competition. We take athletes of all ages and mold them through proper sports performance training into a fierce competitor. For the last 4 years Xplosive Athletics has become the off- season sanctuary for top athletes all over the country. We are known for our creativity with programming and methods. Xplosive Athletics is trusted by the best athletes. With a unique training style, our programs are designed for youth, high school and professionals in all sports.



Xplosive Athletics applies multiple systems that generate results. Our team of trainers will provide the resources you need to perform at a high level. Xplosive Athletics will support you and assist you in becoming the best you can be:

Improving performance in sports, academics, and in life

Focuses on injury prevention to help with the longevity of your career as an athlete

Motivating you every step of the way

A Strategy


Jalen Moore – Football -Oregon State

“Xplosive made me a much better athlete and really improved my speed”

Jevin Jordan – Football –  Colorado State University -Pueblo

“Xplosive taught me what it takes to be a real athlete…they improved my speed, conditioning, and coordination in every session. The coaches at Xplosive Athletics took great care of me and cared for me on a personal level. I am forever grateful to Xplosive Athletics.”

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